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Danka offers an extended range of options to effectively market your event through our homepage to a large user base covering all major cities of Pakistan and beyond. Not only can you choose one of the following standard packages, but we also offer tailor-made marketing packages that suit exactly your needs.

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Danka hosts over 150 000 events and is the most comprehensive cultural events guide of Pakistan.
Media Coverage of Your Event
Danka not only offers cultural centers and event organizers across Pakistan a fair opportunity to promote their upcoming events by advertising on our webpage, but also provides you with the unique opportunity to get professional media coverage of your event.

  • Need your event covered by a professional photography service?
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> Professional Photography
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In addition to the above listed services and packages, Danka also offers new and upcoming artists with the chance to promote themselves and their work through our highly active webpage
By opting for this specialised service, artists can choose to have an extended profile of their work and journey through the world of art documented under the banner of "Danka Featured Artist of the Month" on, facebook and twitter.

This service is highly beneficial for creative individuals looking to promote their name and work to a wider culturally literate audience.

More than 4.000 fans stay up-to-date through our dedicated Facebook page, and follow our latest posts on upcoming artists and their work.

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