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Aamir Khatri

Profession: Painting, Fashion Designer
Location: Karachi
Born: 1968

Administration by matthias
"A message through confession" (1997) was my first Solo Exhibition in this exhibition what actually I wanted to say was first understand by Mrs. Aliya Tamkeen and she was on my personal request wrote an article. This article was published in a newspaper in 1997, I copy here this article for your understanding.

"The early death of his father deprived him of education even in Art-School and had to earn bread and butter, through Graphic Designing of Garment Labels and now he is running a printing press. His friend Aamir Hameed introduced him to Artist Iqbal Mehdi whom he showed his work on wild life. Tigers were his fancy and Iqbal Mehdi aptly advised him to stick up to tigers as his forte. Aamir take delight in water colour both transparent and opaque. He experimented on subjects like portraiture, landscaping, abstract, impressionism etc. but wild life still in his liking.

He as junior artist participated in a number of group shows at many renowned art galleries. His first Exhibition at Art Council Karachi was at the behest of Iqbal Mehdi in the year 1986, followed by Pakistan National Council of Arts, Islamabad, Galerie Sadequain, Karachi, Art Collectors Gallery, Karachi.

Unlike other artists his mode of water colour is different. He soaks the sheet in water & allows it to dry a little then quickly he applies pigments and finishes it off before it dries out. In this way he achieves the required tint to show the depths & heights as per him "visions". It is just like wet plaster Fresco painting method. Cotton swabs and brushes are his basic tools. "Sunshine through Bamboo Groove" is the testimony.

At present he is working in oil & his basic combines abstract and impressionism. All his oils depict a sort of emotional restlessness mingled with mental distortion of humanity in all walks of life today. It is a global phenomenon.


Work: Women Feelings

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