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Ahmad Bashir

Profession: Film Director
Location: Gujranwala
Born: Aimanabad on Mar

Administration by Umair J
Born in Aimanabad near Gujranwala on March 24, 1923, Mr Ahmad Bashir did his BA from Srinagar and soon went to Bombay for a career in acting but started writing for some film magazines. He was a close friend of celebrated writer Mumtaz Mufti who helped him join the now defunct Urdu daily Imroze after the creation of Pakistan. He was taken as a sub-editor in Imroze where he introduced feature writing for the first time in Urdu press in Pakistan.

Mr Bashir also worked for daily Musawat and NAFDEC during Zulfikar Ali Bhutto's government but resigned after Gen Ziaul Haq imposed martial law. He faced hardships during the Zia period during which he was never allowed to write his columns in newspapers. He also obtained training in film direction from Hollywood. He also wrote columns for daily Muslim and later The Frontier Post. Mr Bashir was a portrait writer and he wrote profiles of people like Mumtaz Mufti, Krishan Chandar, Meera Ji, Zaheer Kashmiri, Maulana Chiragh Hasan Hasrat and Maulana Hasrat Mohani.

A fatwa was issued against him when Younas Javed published a collection of his pen sketches entitled Jo Miley Thae Rastey Mein. Bashir wrote an autobiographical novel Dil Bhatkey Ga. (Taken from an article in Dawn by Intkhab Hanif)

He directed and produced Neela Parbat, one of the few experimental films made in Pakistan. Noted journalist, intellectual and writer Ahmad Bashir directed the film, he had obtained some training in film direction from Hollywood. The film was an utter flop and was only screened for few days. The music of the film was composed by Pia Rang and Roshan Ara Begum was one of the playback singers.

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