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Akhtar Chinar Zahari

Profession: Brahvi singer

Administration by albert
Perhaps the most recognized Balochi, Brahvi singer in Pakistan today. He has an arresting stage presence that makes him an instant hit with audiences all over the world. He dances while he sings and it is a treat to see him whirl and move singing the romances of characters living in the craggy and parched soil of the province of Balochistan. He is the closest thing to a rap folk artist. The language is not a barrier because his music is so powerful.
He is also currently researching and writing a book on the Brahvi language. Usually the harsh environment of Balochistan would create music that too is harsh and raw but it does not appear so. The tales are full of valour and heroism which also has a soft underbelly of love and longing. Zehri moves in his music from the valour to love without much difficulty. Usually tales like he Romances speak of heroism and adventure, where the male is trapped in fantastical surroundings and happenings.
His music captures the mystery of vast wilderness and parched land, of lonely warrior and adventurer, set against the setting sun, hungry for more adventure. His singing too has the vigour and energy associated with adventure and heroism.

Reference: Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop

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Akhtar Chinar Zahari

Mar 13, 2019 - June 25, 2021

Amisun Tourism Corporation
100 PKR
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International Mystic Music Sufi Festival Lahore - Day I
Akhtar Chinar Zahari

Apr 25, 2008
8:00 pm

Peeru´s Cafe
International Mystic Music Sufi Festival Lahore - Day IPerformers: Akhtar Chinar Zahari (Balochistan), Shah Jo Raag (Sindh), Abrar Hussain Dildar Hussain Khan (Punjab), Goonga & Mithu Sain (Punjab ...
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