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Amin Chughtai

Profession: Artist
Location: Stuttgart / Germany
Born: Lahore

Amin Chughtai (born 1943 in Lahore) started drawing at a very early age.
After attending school and college, he studied Fine Art at the University
of Punjab in the Fine Art Department, which created a solid base for his
further development in this field.

He was also inspired by the Abdul Rahman Chughtai of paintings
and his beautiful colour combination. He had the opportunity to show him
his early work and consulted him with his rough sketches and finished
paintings. Mr. A.R. Chughtai taught and guided him to command the
water colour media flow and its delicate environment of hues and colour

In 1966 Amin Chughtai went to London, where he studied at the London
College of Printing, and later at the University of London.
In 1973 he moved with his family to Germany where he resides now.
Amin Chughtai has participated and held many one-man shows in
England and Germany.

1986 he represented Pakistan at the International Academy of Art,
Munich, Germany. His work was shown together with well-known artists
such as Henry Moore, Marc Chagall, Kaethe Kollwitz, Joan Miro and
many more.

In November 2010 Amin Chughtai held a solo exhibition at the Alhamra Art Gallery Lahore , Pakistan.

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