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Dividing Waters

Profession: Band
Location: Karachi

Administration by albert

Heavy guitar riffs............high voltage amps......Dual vocals......and finally a combination of punk and alternative Rock...... thats Dividing Waters for you

More than 3 years back the band Dividing Waters was formed in a collaboration of two different bands. Zohaib was one of the founders of the original DW project. Back in those days DW used to play hardcore heavy metal stuff. The first DW broke up due to some personal issues of the band members. Six months after the breakup Zohaib collaborated with Umair and restarted Dividing Waters. But this time the entire line up and the genres of the project were changed. This is like a new chapter of a very old book which hopefully you guys will enjoy.

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Tribute to Vital Signs by Dividing Waters
Dividing Waters

Nov 19, 2011
7:00 pm

Base Rock Cafe
350 PKR

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