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Gulsam Khan

Profession: Musician

Administration by Umair J
Gulsam Khan retired from the frontier corps after completing his services as a soldier. When he reached home his family was furious to see him carrying a Rubab, "you are a soldier" he was told "behave like one, it is embarrasing to see you play Rubab and sing songs", Gulsam was shocked as his music skills had earned him a special status with his fellow soldiers, he refused to obliage and decided to move to Lahore. Now he lives in Lahore where he works for a security agency but every evening he and his group of friends will get together and jam for hours.The accompanying instruments are mostly improvised devices using household utensils as percussion instrument.

Gulsam Khan plays Rubab beautifully and is gifted with beautiful voice, he sings traditional Pashto folk songs. He is accompanied with a group of 3-4 musicians who siong along and play accompanying instruments like Gharra, Dholak, Tabla and Harmonium.

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