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Jahanzeb Malik

Profession: Painting
Location: Peshawar

Administration by matthias
Jahanzeb Malik is an engineer by profession.
He got his initial art training from Abasin Arts Council under the guidance of Shehzada Sultan Hyder (S.S.Hyder). He presently is a member of the advisory committee PNCA, founder member of the Abasin Arts Council, Hazara and Art advisor of the Abasin Arts Council.
Jahanzeb Malik is playing important role in encouragement of the novice and new artists of this province, by organizing painting competitions for them under the banner of S.S.Hyder and Gulgee awards. He also wrote a book "Mery Musavir Mery Dost" in which he has given the biography and has mentioned about the art work of all the very well known arts of the Pakistan.

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