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Kamal Sabri

Profession: Instrumentalist

Administration by Umair J
Kamal, who is the seventh generation of a distinguished family of traditional musicians, has demonstrated profound versatility in playing the Sarangi.

Kamal was initiated and trained by his father in the of the Senia Gharana (school) of Rampur, Moradabad from the tender age of 5 years and very soon this child prodigy made waves in the musical world with his talent. His musical brilliance and talent as a seasoned accompanist gained immense popularity amongst eminent classical vocalists.

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Kamal Sabri the Sarangi Nawaz
Kamal Sabri

Apr 18, 2008
8:00 pm

fee unknown
Musical showKamal Sabri the Sarangi Nawaz will be featured at a musical evening under the auspices of the Sampurna at 8.00 pm on Friday, April 18 at House # 149, #5th Street off Khe. Bukhari.

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