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Kashif Jibran

Profession: Teacher, painter
Location: Lahore

Administration by Umair J
Mr. Kashif Jibran is one of the best mathematics teachers in Lahore. Having taught in almost EVERY school in Lahore, he currently teaches in Lahore Grammar School - Model Town, and Pak-Turk. He guarantees an A in the CIEs.

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Group Show of Paintings
Kashif Jibran

Jan 21 - Feb 12, 2006

Lahore Chitrkar
fee unknown
Lahore Chitrkar painting & drawing class cordially invites you for a Group Show of Paintings by
Saeeda Aziz, Shahina Masood, Khurram Yar, Adnan Younus, Kashif jibran & Mohammad Ali. Openi ...
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