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Khawar Hussain

Profession: Instrumentalist

Administration by Umair J
Khawar Hussain is one of the very few classical Sarangi players of Pakistan. He belongs to the family of legendary Sarangi maestro Ustad Natho Khan & Ustad Bheero Khan, later being his father and guru. Khawar Hussain has performed extensively in Pakistan and all over the world both as soloist and in accompaniment with renowned vocalists. He has many students including the most promising young Sarangi player Zohaib Hassan, he conducts a Sarangi training class at Lahore Chitrkar since 2002.

About Sarangi: One of the most ancient instrument of music making, Sarangi is played both, solo and in accompaniment to vocalist & instrumentalists. The melodic sound of Sarangi is considered closest to human voice, the primary instrument of music making in sub-continental classical music tradition. For more about Sarangi and wonderful collection of music please visit,

From Lahore Chitrkar Web Data:

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