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Maqbool Ahmed

Profession: painter

Administration by albert
Born in Quetta Pakistan. At the age of 15 started pencil drawing. Became pupil of a signboard painter Ustad Aslam,who taught drawing and painting for next few years.

Graduated in Fine Arts from National College of Arts. In NCA Khalid Iqbal became teacher along with teachers like Salima Hashmi, Colin David, Saeed Akhtar, Khalid Iqbal is known as a legendary landscape painter. As most of landscape painters here in Lahore, are influenced by his , I was not exception.

I wanted to do something different and I found a way ,I painted cityscape reflected off a window glass plus the studio seen through the window.It was my thesis painting. From here I learned about reflections and trancparency and it suited my personality.

Then I kept exploring trancparency and reflections. But landscape is still in my subconcious. It is very difficult for me to say some words about my paintings, I refer to comments of different artists and critics, and of course your comments are welcome.

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Exhibition of Paintings by Maqbool Ahmed
Maqbool Ahmed

Sept 22 - 30, 2011

Fine Arts Pakistan
fee unknown
Fine Arts Pakistan cordially invites you on the exhibition of paintings entitled "Transparent Melodies" by Maqbool Ahmed on Thursday, 22nd September, 2011 at 6:00 pm to 9:00pm at 3C, 35th St ...
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