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Mazher Qureshi

Profession: Painter
Location: karachi
Born: Karachi

Born and raised in Karachi, the cosmopolitan city of Pakistan. Whole my life I have been an artist, when I first developed my art I was 8 years old. Since my childhood, I have been intrigued with the movement of flowers and their colors. I have studied art at Karachi School of Art in Pakistan (1987 to 1991)

I have shared my art internationally, countries including Australia, England,Canada,Spain,Germany,South Africa,UAE,India and Pakistan

Like many other artists my inspiration comes from Nature. It is the beauty of Nature which moved me and flowers are its aspects. The occasion is unconditional, without flowers it seems incomplete and faulty. A flower is the voice of deepest unfelt and unvoiced feelings, either it be happiness or sorrow and to preserve this beauty and blessing of the Almighty is a gift and a symbol of blessedness.

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