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Muizza Shuaib

Profession: Visual artist
Location: Lahore
Born: 3 Dec,1987

Administration by Muizza Shuaib
My work is actually a combat zone for me which means confrontation or disagreement.My imagery is aimed to infatuate through its agitation between female body, fruits and vegetables,I manipulate different vegetables and fruits with chubby or fat female nude body to analyze or explore the unrevealed charm,beauty, delicacy and symmetry formed by the curves,shapes,forms,mass, flesh,skin layers and fluffiness of the body.My work is inspired by my personal experiences where my surroundings and society rule by dictating me their own meanings of beauty and i feel like work depicts as what i really feel or perceive when the word "beauty" comes in my mind.

I live and work in Lahore, currently, as a printmaker and freelance artist.

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