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Profession: visual artist/author/art educationist
Location: lahore
Born: 15-4-1958

SHEIKH MANSOOR - Pakistan inside of the traditional art of Pakistan, miniature paintings have been for millennia about their arts more traditional, are a few small illuminations intricate and colorful, handmade with delicate strokes, where the colors formerly used is obtained from minerals, vegetables and even aderesadas with mother-of-Pearl, gold and silver, precious stones. Likewise brackets could be rocks such as marble, ceramic. sheets of paper, Palm or ivory. For millennia, this technique not only is keep, but that is enriquecio with Chinese influences, Arabs, Persians, Christian and even European, that far from distorting its true origin and , made him enrich and evolve its own distinctive individuality. Your theme above is manifesto towards religious subjects, in homage to royalty, and the representation of the life of the common man. Sheikh Mansoor from Pakistan as a contemporary artist, shows us a magnificent fusion of traditional art with contemporary art, by introducing a highly social content with all the elements necessary for its expressive purpose. It is admirable as does merge the modern expression with the traditional language. It has adapted the need to transmit the different times and current realities to his wonderful exprecion plastic, .invitandonos to do a full reading of the content socal theme, where it manages to express his ideals or concerns, without forgetting its origins. Sheikh Mansoor, as contemporary artist performs extraordinary work in the art of thumbnails giving an absolutely contemporary meaning to his work, introducing current issues, reflecting its historical roots at the same time. My reespetos and master congratulations!

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