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Ustad Badar-uz-Zaman

Profession: Classical Vocals

Administration by Umair J
Ustad Badar-uz-Zaman and Ustad Qamar-uz-Zaman are based in Lahore and have recently been awarded Pride of Performance for their services in the promotion of classical music. For centuries, music has more or less remained the exclusive preserve of professional gharana musicians, who have made immeasurable contributions to the flowering, refinement, promotion and preservation of this delicate art. However, occasionally, a few non-professional (in a genetic sense) practitioners of classical genres (and in the art of composition) also appeared on the melodic firmament of the Sub-continent, whose prowess was equal, if not better, to the skill of professional musicians. In the classical vocal category several names of Lahore-based non-gharana melodists come to one's mind, who are still remembered with a touch of reverence by music lovers for the high standards in music they set when they practiced the art.

The duo of classicists, brothers Badaruzzaman-Qamaruzzaman, provides one shining example of non-professional practitioners of the melodic art, who have pursued their melodic ambitions in the past 42 years. Besides, elder brother Badaruzzaman has contributed much to the production of melodic literature in Pakistan. An educated vocalist (M.A. in political science), he has authored four books in music, in addition to reproducing the one and the only one Maarful Naghmaat, which is considered the best book on music ever published in Urdu during the past 80 years. The inclusion of this duo of non-gharana singers in the list of PBC awardees has been hailed by the votaries of classical music as recognition of their talent will undoubtedly encourage and motivate other musicians in this category to carry on with their melodic pursuits with greater zeal. Non-gharana musicians, it may be mentioned, have to face stiff competition from those practitioners to whom music is transferred genetically.

From Lahore Chitrkar Web Data:

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Classical Khayal and Thumri Gayki Concert
Ustad Badar-uz-Zaman

Mar 10, 2007
7:00 pm

Lahore Chitrkar
fee unknown
Ustad Badar-uz-Zaman & Ustad Qamar-uz-Zaman are both recipients of Presidential Pride of Performance Award for their services both as leading classical vocalists and music teachers. They have perf ...
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