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Ustad Hafiz Khan Talwandi

Profession: Classical Vocals
Born: Faisalabad, 1933

Administration by Umair J
Ustad Hafiz Khan Talwandi, 1933-2009, was born in Faisalabad (Pakistan) in a distinguished family of dhrupad singers, the Taalwandi gharana. Ustad sahib conducted the Dhurpad training class at Chitrkar from 2004-2009. His young son Ali Hafeez Khan and nephew Labraez Afzal khan are amongst his many students. He received training from his father, Miyan Mehr Ali Khan (born 1913), for about forty years until the latter's death in 1976.

The long years of learning, practice and performance have given Hafiz Khan a thorough command of the musical tradition handed down by his father. Claims to the antiquity of Hafiz Khan's heritage are supported by the richness and internal logic of his body of knowledge and by his practical mastery. Hafiz Khan presents a distinctive ideology of dhrupad, in which Islam entirely replaces the Hindu frame of reference adopted by most dhrupad musicians (both Hindus and Muslims) in India. Nayak Khanderi and the Nayaks who succeeded him were all Muslims, according to Hafiz Khan, and they received their inspiration directly from God; there is thus for him no element of folk or temple music in the historical background to dhrupad.

The distinguishing characteristic of alap and dhrupad is their spirituality (ruhaniyat), and the objective in singing them is zikr-e-ilahi, "Praising the name of God".

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