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Ustad Nazir Ahmad Butt

Profession: Classical Vocals
Location: Lahore

Administration by Umair J
Classical vocalist and teacher Ustad Nazir Butt passed away in Lahore in March 2004 as a result of injuries received during a road accident. Ustad Nazir Butt was 80 years old and received his musical training from Ustad G.A. Farooq.

He followed the Kirana of singing and was greatly influenced by Ustad Abdul Waheed Khan. He was a founding member of Lahore Chitrkar and conducted the classical vocal class 2001-2004. He was also associated to the National College of the Arts in Lahore music program, Nazir Butt had been involved in teaching for the past thirty years and has left many students who are engaged in practice & promotion of classical music.

From Lahore Chitrkar Web Data:

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