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Wajid Ali

Profession: Musician/Tabla Player

Administration by Umair J
For playing Tabla I was inspired by listening qawwali at very young age. The poetry of qawwali was not fully understood by me but the sound of Tabla always attracted me. I asked my father to allow me to learn Tabla but although he was not against music he did not allowed for the reason that it may affect my education.

I remained attached to Tabla by listening classical music being unaware of Raags but only enjoyed the sound of Tabla. By listening classical music I became fan of Ustad Shaukat Hussain Khan and I decided that whenever I will get a chance to learn Tabla I will learn from Ustad Shaukat Hussain Khan. But the day came in October 1983 when I ,first time in my life, saw Ustad Shaukat Sahib performing in the benefit concert of Ustad Nabi Bakhsh (Saranginawaz).

When I contacted Ustadji I was disappointed on his remarks that now when I am 26 years of age and with very heavy hands it may be very difficult to learn Tabla but he asked me to try and if you could not play you may become a good listener of Tabla. I was very fond of sports and doing exercise. I gave up cricket and going to gym. I spent all the time on Tabla after my office hours. Even at lunch break I used to go to home and practice for half an hour. I was able to win affection of my Ustadji I regularly visited him on alternate days and learnt lot of Tabla even during his illness he gave me lessons till his second last day of life. Overall I learnt regularly from Ustadji for 14 years. It is my aim now to preach the baaj of Ustad Shaukat Hussain Khan by teaching it to others. As there are lack of opportunities for performance I never tried to work hard on Riazat.

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