Danka Nama #27 –> Droned

Dear Readers,

the drones have long found their entry into the arts. I would appreciate if you could bring further examples to our notice for a comprehensive collection.

za kaom pa stargo stargo drone hamla 

pretty drones – heems

IDEAS 2012 Cartoon by Feica in Karachi

Flying Rug of Drones by Abdullah Syed


—> We will be publishing submissions/suggestions from your side here continuously:

1) Further examples sent to us by Sana Jamal:

Artist Brief: Farrah Adnan. An artist accomplished in Miniature Art. She is also an Associate Professor at COMSATS University.

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  1. Sheyma Buali says:

    are you looking for works from a particular place or time? drones are aplenty in this series by Laila Shawa http://www.lailashawa.com/

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  3. [...] can find other examples here – from which I’ve borrowed the image above – and in Craig Jones‘s post [...]

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