Danka is back!

Live your culture!

Danka has been on hiatus for long and we know that you all have missed Danka in the dark times when there was not much happening and nobody to inform you where to go for theater, music, exhibitions and all those fun activities around the city.

But worry no more! Danka is back and it is back with a bang! After the dark days of terrorism are over, there is a lot happening around you and if you don’t know where to look, head straight to our Events section on the website. Or if you planning for more than just a day’s outing, we also collect all the fine Trips you can join from cultural visits to trekking adventures in snowy mountains!

Danka will be catering to and promoting all cultural activities be it Lahore, Karachi or Islamabad. If you want to share any activity or even we don’t know about, you can directly share it on Danka.pk or send us an email at info@danka.pk.

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