Bananistan – a comic relief

Review by Hubba S. Feroz

This Saturday I got an opportunity to watch a political comic drama “BANANISTAN”. A most recommended play by a friend who watched it in Islamabad a few weeks back. He essentially cherished the play and wanted to watch it once more. He was constantly commending the play. It is a masterpiece fully equipped with a perfect script, astounding performances, and intellect punches. Without any doubt, he sold me the idea so well that I was persuaded to go with him to the theater. I am genuinely particular with respect to movies and theater plays. I cannot stand to watch a horrendous film or play. Having such a large number of questions in my mind, I entered the theater and practically stressed over my night. Nevertheless, that night demonstrated a crate of shocks. For me, the first glance at audience proved the first surprise of the night. There were such a variety of individuals from various classes and diverse age groups, particularly groups of students were enough to astonish me. The theater particularly comic drama theater has lost its esteem since long. This increased expectations and interest in what they have to offer. If they are successful in attracting this age group in these circumstances, they must have something exceptional to explore. When I entered the hall, my expectations were high and I had doubts that the play could meet up the bars I set in my mind.

Bananistan is a country somewhere close to Vietnam. It is the year 2030, and obviously, the country is under martial law. Despite the fact that everything finds a sense of contentment and nation is unexpectedly prosperous yet media is on complete lockdown and only amusement for individuals are theaters. Subsequent to losing the whole cast of a play in a crash only a few days before the premiere night, producer and director took extraordinarily desperate decision to recast the play., As the nation is under military law and our darling democratic political figures have nothing else to do so they all come to try out and here the real fun starts.

I must say I appreciated every moment and every scene that it made me turn off my mobile phone. Regardless of the fact that one may not know much about political issues, yet at the same time you can relate to the punchlines about the current political situation. Performances were exceptional and each of them conveyed their best. However, I loved the characters of Imran Khan and Shehbaz Sharif and their performances truly took my heart. The script was extraordinary and dialogues were short and significant. Drastic jokes on metro bus and dharnas are amazingly used in script. Play carefully adjusts the satire and ethics, which is a unique and one of a kind part of theater lately. Bananistan offered astute and shrewd yet concise depiction of the political circumstance in the nation. The excellence of the play is its light and fun mood that makes you ready to process harsh reality with a chuckle. Its scholarly planned on governmental issues, legislator, and desires of the nation is its quality.

I congratulate Bananistan team for such a great play and I must thank them, as this will prove a great effort in the revival of Pakistani intellectual theatre. Audience want a genuine comedy with some purposeful and meaningful script. I am not easy to please kind, still I am convinced to give it 4.5 stars. Hoping to enjoy more plays under KopyKats Productions soon. Good job guys!

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