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Danka Nama

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Danka Nama #27 –> Droned

Dear Readers,

the drones have long found their entry into the arts. I would appreciate if you could bring further examples to our notice for a comprehensive collection.

za kaom pa stargo stargo drone hamla 

pretty drones – heems

IDEAS 2012 Cartoon by Feica in Karachi

Flying Rug of Drones by Abdullah Syed


—> We will be publishing submissions/suggestions from your side here continuously:

1) Further examples sent to us by Sana Jamal:

Artist Brief: Farrah Adnan. An artist accomplished in Miniature Art. She is also an Associate Professor at COMSATS University.

Danka Nama #26 –> Tasaweer III

Dear Danka Nama picture enthusiasts,

Lukas Berger is an Austrian photographer, based in Hannover, Germany. He has been travelling to Pakistan for several years now. One of the most fascinating things for him was the “Lucky Irani Circus“, the biggest circus in Pakistan and place for artists, acts and creative ideas. More pictures can be found on his blog page.


If you have a series of pictures and want to show them in our Danka Nama Tasaweer series, please send us an email to

Danka Nama #25 –> Funding possibilities

Dear Artists,

earlier this year we were approached to give suggestions for institutions in Pakistan that provide scholarships and funding to artists to the organisation “Asia-Europe Foundation” (ASEF). They have published their results now here in an attempt to map funding possibilities in Asia. You may find the details on their site.

If you have additional ideas, do let them know, they are looking for a continuously updated site. If you have comments about funding and economical prospects in general for artists (especially how that developed in recent years and how it has developed in line with the increasing wealth of the urban areas) we would be most happy to hear (and publish) your thoughts.