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01 Day Trip to Snow Hike to Mushkpuri Peak

submitted by alijee
Ali Jee

Jan 20 - 21, 2018

FA Tours
2800 PKR
01 Day Trip to Mushkpuri Peak

LAHORE: Muslim Town Good Luck Bakery Faiz Road Link Wahdat Road Lahore

Main Attractions:

Nathiya Gali, Donga Gali, Hiking to Snow Covered Mushkpuri Peak

Trip Details ::::=>

Day 00:

Departure from Lahore @ 11:00 PM (Saturday,20 January, 2018)

Day 01: ( Sunday , 21 January 2018)

Departure from Islamabad to Donga Gali @ 05:00 AM

Breakfast @ Donga Gali @8:30am

Start Hiking to summit snow covered Mushkpuri Peak @9:30am

Reach at Mushkpuri Top explore the magnificent views from peak for 02 Hr

Back to Donga Gali 3:30 pm

Drive towards Peacock Restaurant for Dinner @ 6:30pm

Arrival at Lahore @ 11:30pm

+/- In time can be expected due to unfavorable circumstances


Breakfast: Paratha + Egg (Omlate/Fry) + Tea

Day Pack: Chocolate + Half Roll Biscuit + Juice + Lays Chips

Dinner: Chicken Biryani + Raita + Cold Drink

Per head charges Rs.2800/= only

Contact FA Tours
Muhammad Ali: 0321-4331217, M. Furqan Aslam: 0333-6242599

01 Day Trip to Snow Hike to Mushkpuri Peak

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