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Danka Scholar : Drawing Classes

submitted by Aimon Fatima
Amna Nusrat Butt

June 12 - July 10, 2011

Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS)
1500 PKR
Express yourself with drawings that come alive!

Danka in collaboration with LUMS Arts Society brings you drawing classes at subsidized rates.

This is a 5 week course with 2-2.5 hours long sessions every Sunday.

The fee for the entire course will Rs 1500. Please register yourself by sending your name and phone number at [email protected]

The course is open for all.


1st Session
o Introduction to pencil drawing on a plane paper
o Tips for hand grip and movement
o Practice regarding making varied length straight lines
o Some practice work for home

2nd Session
o Working with various shades of pencils/ differentiating shades of gray
o Line drawing with varied thickness
o Still life of relatively easy objects (one object)

3rd Session
o Still life of an arrangement of three to four objects together
o Learning to take measurements of size, lengths and angles of and between objects
o Rendering/ shading techniques
o Working with charcoals and charcoals sticks
o Some fun assignments for home work

4th Session
o Linear perspective drawing
o One point perspective: learning to make cubes and cuboids
o Cross hatching: a technique of shading
o Working with black dry pastels

5th Session
o Two point perspective: learning to make a chair
o Learning to draw without lifting your hand
o Drawing a moving ceiling fan
o Three point perspective: learning to make buildings and a chair again
o Learning to make a cloth
o Rendering a cloth
o Shading without drawing (optional)

Materials required (Danka will provide some materials but we strongly recommend that you buy your own material so that you can also practice Painting at home - learning will not be helpful if you don´t practice after classes.)

o Every student must have his/her own drawing board(preferably the small one)
o Lots of A-4 size sheets. Roughly 8 per student
o News prints. 4 prints per students
o Pencils. Goldfish or mono art. B, 2B, 3B, 4B, 5B, 6B, 7B and 9B. Every student must have a set of all these
o Two charcoal sticks, one charcoal pencil and one black dry pastel (last one being optional)
o Scholar sheets, the one with grains. 3 sheets per student

Call 0321-4839107 for more details.

Danka Scholar : Drawing Classes

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