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Centre for Oriental Studies
St.43 House: 67-B, F-10/4 Islamabad
Islamabad, Pakistan

The inspiration of this initiative comes from the Sangat of Najam Hussain Syed who has been teaching Classical Punjabi poetry at his house known by its number 49- Jail road Lahore. I adore Najam Hussain Syed for his art, craft, knowledge, rendition, serenity, incisive criticism, penetrating interpretations, unusual imagery of his poetry, sublimity of his diction and above all, his all encompassing humanness. I have been deeply striving to replicate his model, but there were many constraints. It ranged from personal, poetic, imaginative and logistics. Now i feel relieved with the IT stuff that has changed ways and means of communications. So a page as a humble contribution for the sharing of what little i know. Just sharing the richness that remains unsung, mostly.

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Joint Reading of Heer Waris Shah

Jan 16, 2013
6:00 pm

Centre for Oriental Studies
Centre for Oriental Studies welcome you in joint reading of Heer Waris Shah with Tariq Bhatti for explanations and translations on every Wednesday, at 6:00 PM

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