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Fakir Khana Museum
(near kucha Pehalwanan) in Bazar Hakiman, off Bhatti gate
Lahore, Pakistan

[email protected]
92 42 37638949
92 42 300 9440684!/group.php?gid=6274166151

Contact Person:
Fakir Sayyed Iftikhar uddin Bukhari Owner/Curator Phone: 0300 9440684
Fakir Khana Museum "the largest antiques collection in south Asia" is the honor, pocessions and pride of the well known Fakir Family whose vibrant history can be amazingly traced back hundreds of years. This Private family museum is basically inside an early 20th century house carrying a kaleidoscope of unimaginable pieces. From gems & stones, portraits & miniatures to original manuscripts of holy Quran and Relics of Islam including the relics of the Holy Prophet. It is a place full of history, memories and treasures. Every single artifact at Fakir Khana Museum has a story to tell. Entering the arches of the Fakir Khana museum you truly get to know that not only this family is the proud bearer of the relics and the antiques collection but it's also a part of an eventful history.

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