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The Art School
48 B, Main Gulberg
Lahore, Pakistan

[email protected]
THE ART SCHOOL situated in Gulberg, Lahore, is an endeavor to create an exciting and stimulating environment that explores the imaginative world of performing arts
The Art School is a fun & exciting community of individuals who wish to be part of a celebratory journey of artistry and humanity, a cutting edge environment where through interaction, individuals can learn to understand and respect the various forms of art.
The Art School believes in the profound importance of the performing arts in triggering personality development and individual growth, as well as acting as a catalyst in broadening the intellectual and emotional consciousness of individuals.
We offer courses in Basic, Intermediate & Advanced Level to Young Students, Teenagers & Adults. The Art school seeks to create a scheme of courses and programs that have educative and market value, courses that will truly prepare the individual to seriously compete as a practitioner in the field of performing arts.
The faculty consists of instructors, who have had extensive experience in the performing Arts in Pakistan, people who have a keen understanding of the theoretical and practical aspects of performance. Our faculty is constituted of performers who have trained at institutes such as the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts and the University Of London. The faculty conducts an in-depth initial appraisal of the student and continues evaluating the student throughout the course to determine how best to maximize and channelize his/her talents.

School Timings: 3 pm - 7 pm

Class Schedule: 2 Days a Week/3 Days a Week

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