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Danka's "Women in Culture" is a unique project with the aim to facilitate the involvement of women in our society, by employing a two-pronged strategy to drastically improve female participation in the local art and cultural scene. The project further aims to enhance the profiles of both young and well-established female artists within the country.

The objectives:

> Promote women's inclusion in Pakistan's culture life
> Promote female artists in Pakistan

As a developing nation, Pakistani cultural activities have witnessed a steep decline in the recent past due to unforeseen natural disasters, incidents of terrorism and civil unrest. This calls for an immediate action to ensure the protection, support and development of our unique local culture with the aim to introduce diverse opinions and ideas deemed essential for the cultural advancement of any society. In the long term, such a bold step can have direct and positive impacts on the worsening socio-political situation within the country.

Furthermore, this project aims to provide citizens with an alternative platform to positively channel their energies to seek much needed psychological and emotional relief in this rough period, through actively participating in local cultural activities. Unfortunately, this important aspect of social development has time and again, been overlooked by international aid agencies on the pretext of calling such projects widely ineffective. However, the support of such projects is critical for sustainable development within the country, as they promote popular discourses for social change.

With a female population of 90 million sidelined from the mainstream Pakistani culture scene due to harsh gender bias prevailing within the country, there is an increasing need in particular for women to safeguard their role and place within the local cultural scene and society by actively participating in cultural activities within the country. Popular research is flooded with statistics and information pertaining to social and economic conditions of women in Pakistan, but there is little or no information available on the role and participation of women in arts and culture in Pakistan.

Danka is actively looking for public and private sector organizations, donor agencies and culturally enriched individuals, willing to partner with a well-reputed cultural organization to push forward the idea of women participation in the Pakistani cultural scene.

We are looking for dedicated and professional individuals from the field of event management, who will be willing to work together with our organization on this highly challenging project. In addition, we are seeking help from all event organizers and cultural centres within the country to support this project by providing us with entry passes to their upcoming events, which will be distributed free of cost among female visitors of our website, Facebook and Twitter pages.

Furthermore, Danka aims to provide an un-conditional platform to female artists of Pakistan through its web network and culturally oriented publications. We are in search for volunteers who would be interested in taking up the task of researching and interviewing deserving Pakistani female artists for our web portal.

All those interested in volunteering for this project or who have suggestions and ideas for this project, may contact us by writing to
Partner with us to:

> Increase Women in the Audience
> Promote Female Artists

Danka is a social initiative,
committed to promote and
celebrate the cultural life of Pakistan.
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