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Danka - Pakistan's Cultural Events Guide
The culture of Pakistan is vibrant and has a long strong history, with Lahore and Karachi as the main cultural capitals of Pakistan offering an incredibly wide and rich range of cultural activities. These centers of culture, constantly breeding new trends and preserving cultural traditions, need a strong and independent tool to organize the communication of cultural activity and events in order to establish an essential information linkage between the culture and daily life of the public.

Danka is dedicated to act as this link, to develop a cultural networking spirit, to facilitate active co-operation between artists, organizers and the public; and to support cultural management efforts to improve quality of the events, their communication and their organization.

Danka is devoted to advance Pakistani culture as a whole.

What exactly is Danka?
Firstly, Danka is a online platform which anybody can use to freely receive and share information on ongoing events. Our philosophy is to remain as neutral as possible and not provide any judgement on the nature of the submitted cultural events. Danka's primary task is to register the widest range of cultural activities on its site, and promote them amid the Pakistani population. Furthermore, Danka provides detailed information on cultural centers, historical places and upcoming artists and is constantly updating its directories to maintain a vibrant cultural network throughout the country.

Secondly, Danka is a networking and management effort dedicated to assist the Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad cultural event organizers and artists in terms of publicity and onsite support. Danka also plans to carry out our own cultural projects in the fields of theatre, dance, music, film, poetry, recording, documentation and conservation of art and culture to further support the Pakistan culture.

Danka is a not-for-profit social initiative and is dedicated to advance the cultural life of Pakistan as a whole.
What are Danka's Objectives?
1. To be the primary link between artists, cultural events organizers and the public by collecting, organizing, providing and broadcasting free information on events related to Pakistan culture.
2. To improve cultural activity in Pakistan in terms of quantity and quality.
3. To establish Pakistani culture as a strong public value.
4. To culturally educate people and motivate them to preserve and promote Pakistan's culture. To establish Danka as the main reference for Pakistani culture.
5. To expand Danka services to all the major cities of Pakistan.

Our main objective is to support and develop the varied cultural activities in Pakistan.
Who is behind Danka?
Danka is an open platform. Its work is based on the active contribution and feedback of the community, which means that you as an Internet user can modify the contents of the site including events information. Danka works very closely with cultural organizers, the public and the artists and considers them all a part of the Danka team. Everybody is welcome to join our team in one of the specified fields to improve cultural activities in Pakistan and abroad. Danka is a non-business organization and primarily a volunteer effort, do feel free to join us!

Danka is an open platform, and mostly a volunteer effort. The Danka team is only so much as the community and volunteer actively contribute to it.
Notable New Activities of Danka
Danka trips is a new program to let people 'live' their culture. The trips organized by Danka to various sites of Pakistan's cultural heritage, let participants explore Pakistan's culture and historical roots.
The new project Women in Culture facilitates the involvement of women through a twopronged strategy aiming to simultaneously increasing the number of women in the audience of art and cultural events as well as to increase the profile of female artists in Pakistan.
Danka also features upcoming young artists on its site, enabling them to promote their own work and give them space to express themselves online under the section Featured Artists.

Danka is carried out by "proLoka", a platform to exchange knowledge between people and cultures.

Danka is a social initiative,
committed to promote and
celebrate the cultural life of Pakistan.
Danka - Pakistan's Cultural Events Guide
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