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India- Pakistan Youth Camp

submitted by Umair J
Oct 02 - 07, 2009

fee unknown
CYDA,[Center for Youth Development & Activities]in association withCYDA Pakistan[Formally know as Youth Pakistan]is hosting India-Pakistan Youth Camp between October 02-07,2009.The purpose of this Youth Dialogue is to promote youth to youthdialogue with issues of contemporary concern. CYDA in association withmany other youth organizations in India is organizing a weeklongprogram from 2nd to 7th October in Pune. Around 25 Youth from Pakistanand 25 young people between 18 to 25 from India who are associatedwith various youth organization going to participate in this program.Peace, Diversity, Pluralism, Democracy, Violence will be discussedduring the program. Eminent personalities will address the youth onthe themes.       This camp is being organized in collaboration with CYDA-Pakistan (formally known as Youth Pakistan). The camp is currently inits 4th year and the former have been conducted in the cities ofChandigarh & Delhi, with the organization of those respected cities.Indian Pakistan Youth camp is being held every year since 2006. 1stbeing held at Dev Samaj College Chandigarh, 2nd also being held at thesame venue in 2007 and 3rd being held at Gandhi Smriti & Darshansamiti New Delhi in 2008 where 100 young people participated. Forlong, people have associated Pune city with peace and tranquility andhence this year CYDA has initiated to host the camp in thistraditionally rich city. The theme for the all these years has beenPeace, Education, Non-violence, harmony and environment. The programincluded cycling tour of the city as well as kite flying etc. to bringharmony among the youth.CYDA youth volunteers believe that promoting sustainable peace on thesubcontinent that counts young people from both India and Pakistan, asmembers are very important bring people of both countries together.The youth of today believes that the differences should be understoodand not fought. People of the region shared thousands of years ofhistory, heritage, traditions, but due to self interests this warmthand peace is being destroyed.. This camp is being organized incollaboration with CYDA-Pakistan (formally known as Youth Pakistan)IPYC believes that youth are the catalyst for people to get involvedin their community and make a difference. They energize those who arealready engaged in good causes because the people recognize they arenot alone in their endeavor. They bring families together. Theypromote positive life skills. Those who are interested kindly logo <> .Deadline for registration before 20th August 2009Final list of participants from India 31st August 2009Selected Participants should arrive in Pune 1st October 2009Dialogue dates 2nd to 6th October 2009Participants can leave 7th October 2009Indian Delegates to stay at the venue; Rs. 2000/-(incl.of stay, food   &  program)Indian Delegates to Day program Rs.500/- (incl.of food & program)Participants have to make their own travel arrangements and notravel    grants are available.Once in Pune, the organizers will take care of all local logistics andsupport. Pune as a city is well connected with road, rail & airnetwork.Any query related to the program please contact

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