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submitted by Aimon Fatima
Amna Nusrat Butt

June 18 - July 23, 2011

1500 PKR
Add a personal touch to your belongings and gifts. Learn the art of saying its all with threads and needles.

Danka brings you embroidery classes at subsidized rates.

Duration: 6 weeks (Six classes in total)

Location: 331-Z, Street # 26, Phase III, DHA, Lahore

Timings: 3:00pm to 5:00pm on every Saturday

Charges: Rs. 1500

You can register for the classes by sending your name and phone number to [email protected] or call 0321-4839107 for more details.

Materials required: every student must have her own embroidery frame (medium size)- Cloth, needle and threads will be provided by Danka.


1st Session
o Surface embroidery stitches
§ Chain Stitch
§ Lazy daisy stitch
Simple embroidered flowers
Strawberry assignment
Stem stitch
§ Stem stitch
Redwork embroidery
§ Fly stitch
§ Whipped chain stitch

2nd Session
o Cross stitches
§ Basic cross stitch
§ Fractional cross stitch
§ Long armed cross stitch
§ Reversible cross stitch

3rd Session
o Straight stitches
§ Double running stitch
§ Satin stitch kloster blocks
§ Pattern darning
§ Hemstitch

4th Session
o Knotted stitches
§ Bullion stitch or bullion knots
§ French knots
§ Double knots
§ Fun/ creative assignment

5th Session
o Needlepoint stitches
Rhodes stitch: and its variations
Velvet stitch: gives a wonderful furry effect to your needlepoint.
o Looped stitches
§ Button hole stitch
§ Doves eyes(optional)
§ Square fillet(optional)

6th Session
o Herringbone stitch
o Feather stitch
o Wheat sheaf
o Long and short (optional)
o Shadow work
o Mirror stitching
o Four sided stitch(optional)
o Three sided stitch(optional)
o Ringed back stitch(optional)
o Napkin assignment (optional)


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